Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Fairy Line Naturals

At Fairy Line Naturals my main task was to create whimsical graphics and logos that would attract children and young girls to the Kiosk in the mall.  Following the design concepts and ideas of the C.E.O, Dr. Lindajoy Rose PhD. I created marketing graphics for the company.

some of the logos I created were used on T-Shirts and hand bags and the graphics I created were used for marketing material such as the story cards that frequently accompanied necklaces, pendants and other items sold at the kiosk or online.  

This piece in particular was based on a design I did for a new fairy character that Dr. LJ (Lindajoy) had come up with.   Every Fairy character represented a certain teaching.  Harmonia was to be the fairy of Harmony and peace and we needed the character to go with the idea of a pendant that the child can wear around her neck to remind her to keep calm and serene in situations that may otherwise cause her stress.  

The idea of Harmonia came from one of the original Fairy Line characters; Jae-Lin who was the fairy of balance or ying and yang.   Harmonia is supposed to be Jae-Lin's "pixie helper".  LJ asked me to design a fairy who's name would be Harmonia and thus this fairy you see here was born.  We initially were going to do a digital piece of Harmonia but decided that the colored pencil version looked better.  

After the character was finalized I went ahead and created a card and "story poem" to go with the fairy and the idea for the product.  Of course we hadn't received the finalized product at the time but we decided to go ahead with the card anyway.  We finally got the pendant (which initially was not supposed to look just like the character design but I suppose we figured it was a happy accident) and put the two elements together.  With a little more tweaking of the card we finished the product as a whole and it sold very well! 

This card was the material story pamphlet that accompanied 
LJ's Tooth Fairy Twin's aromatherapy pillow.  
With every product of Fairy Line Naturals there went a story and
special Fairy Character's to go along with that product.   

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Demo Reel 2011

Demo Reel
The Demo Reel displays just a few of the things I've done.  Things I've wished to show within left then a two minute time frame.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Videos and Animation

3D Animation

It goes without saying that films have become riddled with 3D animation.  Whether it is 3D animation to create special effects in big budget and low budget films or using 3D programs to animate cooky characters who bounce around and say funny things, 3D animation is one of the leading industry techniques. Used widely in news segments for graphic appeal and in many commercials, 3D animation tends to bring a professional visual effect to many media elements.  Creating 3D animation goes way beyond just creating a character.  Animating in 3D involves acting, movement and anatomy, expression and emotion.   



2D Animation 
The first time I heard the term "ink and paint" was during the classic Disney Channel segment appropriately titled "Ink and Paint Club".  Although now and days a majority of inking and painting is done electronically using programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, it would be nice to be born 50 or 60 years ago and enjoy classic inking and painting of animation cels.

Click this ^ to see animation

This is a commercial I had produced for a couple of Doctors.  They had a ton of ideas that I had to implement into this commercial and although the process was a bit of a hassle (trying to fit all those ideals into a 30 second commercial) I found that it taught me patience and I found that although this commercial isn't what I usually do, it does have a quirky charm to it.